Children Wooden Toys – Natural Is Always Better

Child playing

When it is about our children, we tend to choose the best for them. It’s sometimes hard, especially when you need to buy them toys! Besides, we constantly hear that many of toys are banned from markets due to dangerous materials that are used in manufacturing them, that is just horrible.

Kids love to play with toys that have integrated electronics and which play sounds and are able to perform some actions. Nowadays we have plenty of cheap plastic toys on the market, and it is difficult to find quality toys that will not harm your child in any way.

Children wooden toys are hard to come across. If you want to buy them, you will need to go in more than one store. There is not much of a choice because we are flooded with all those superhero toys and plastic cars… etc.

You Want To Make Your Kids Happy

Children wooden toys are very simple with nice colors and pleasant look, kids absolutely love them. Maybe they will not find them interesting at first because they are used to having toys that are making sounds and have flashing lights and other things on them. But once when they get used to them, they will always come back and play with their wooden toys.

That is because wooden toys are not making any sounds and they cannot move unless your kid moves them. This is very important because children are stimulated to perform some actions, they need to do something so the toy could have its purpose. When children are playing with wooden toys, their imagination is at work because they will be thinking what could they do with the toy, and they will find their way to play with it.

Children will be happy playing with wooden toys. They will force them to figure out what should they do. Playing with them means that they will have to think about it, wooden toys don’t perform any actions by themselves. You will notice that it is an amazing what children can do with the simplest things.

Children Wooden Toys Are Classic!

Everyone of us had at the least one wooden toy when we were kids. Our parents had them when they were kids, their parents had them too and so on… Not only wooden toys look gorgeous, but they’re sturdier and more enviromentally-friendly than plastic toys. Since they are made from high quality wood, there is no doubt that they will last longer than any of plastic toys you can buy.

With no flashy gadgetry or noisy features, wooden toys encourage children to use their imagination during play. So get down on the floor with your child and enjoy some classic, plastic free play together. You will be glad you did!

The Benefits Of Wooden Toys Over Plastic Toys

Playing is very vital to the growth and development of your child because it helps your child develop a variety of positive qualities. Not only playing with wooden toys will help your child develop social skills, but your child is also going to be able to cultivate encouraging physical, cognitive and emotional characters.

Childrens wooden toys have far more superior quality that makes them better choice for your little ones than plastic toys. Wooden toys are more durable and with good care they can last decades. There are instances where wooden toys have been passed down from one generation to another. When you decide to invest in wooden toys that means that you get good value for your money and also making the best decision over that of providing them with plastic toys.

Most of the toys come with proposed age ranges, but wooden toys are so versatile that they can be combined with a wide range of ages and abilities levels. They are much safer and healthier than plastic toys. If plastic toy breaks, it will probably leave a sharp edges that your child can cut himself on. Wooden toys have no sharp edges, and there are no parts that child could swallow, besides that, wood is natural material and wooden toys are created by shaping a wood, not by melting plastics and other dangerous materials.

Playing with wooden toys improves your child coordination and movement. When they solve puzzles or create patterns using wooden toys, they also begin to visually see how elements fit together, which also improves the coordination of hands and eyes. Of course the most important thing is that wooden toys are safe! If you provide your child with wooden toys, you don’t have to worry much about their safety, wooden toys are not dangerous and your child can’t break it easily.

Wooden Toys Have Educational Purpose!

Children wooden toys come in all forms and shapes, mostly basic! While playing with them children can improve in many aspects. For example, children can experiment with physics, building various structures with wooden toys or learning about geometry by manipulating toys to create their own geometric shapes. Younger children, in particular, can put almost any object in any scenario. Since most of wooden toys do not have an intentional purpose, they encourage children to stretch their imaginations even more.

Wooden toys will improve your child social life! Playing with wooden toys often requires a company! Since wooden toys do not have sound and light effects or other interactive features, children have to find someone else to communicate with them, That means that wooden toys are the best choice if you have several children, because wooden toys will never be the subject of the game of only one child. Playing with wooden toys requires a child to really embrace their imagination and think creatively. These are important skills that your child will need as they grow and develop.

Building a wooden tower

Keeping Up With Traditions

As parents, we want our kids to have toys that make them happy, we can do it with wooden toys that will last and provide educational benefits. Wooden toys are an amazing for developing many skills for your children. Also, they are practical, easy to clean, no chemicals made to make them and will last a lot longer than their plastic counterparts.

Wooden toys can be expensive! But, as the famous saying goes, you get what you pay for, A wooden toy, handled well, can be passed down for generations, adding to it charm and value. The same cannot be said for the cheap popular toys that will end up in a trash after a week!

Who doesn’t love a traditional wooden toy?


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