Advantages Of Wooden Toys – 5 Most Important

We all know that wooden toys are far more durable and better quality than other type of toys, but quality and durability are not only advantages of wooden toys. There are many. Since we live in a modern age where children are mostly playing games on their phones and tablets instead of playing with the toys, I decided to do some research on how wooden toys are good for our kids to play with, and what are their advantages in comparsion with plastic and other toys… and video games…

Nowadays its difficult to see children outside playing with wooden toys, that is kinda sad. I’m not saying that children shouldn’t play video games, but its better for them to play with toys that encourage developing of various skills important for their future success in life. Choosing to buy your children wooden toys over any other toys is the best decision that you will ever made.

We all want the best for our children, and choosing healthy, environmentally friendly and creative toys is sure a one way to make them happy.As I said, there are many advantages of wooden toys and I could write about it for a days, but I decided to chose 5 most important advantages. Of course, this list of advantages is according to my experience with wooden toys and you might think different.educational wooden toys

Wooden Toys Are Safe To Play With!

How many times you had to throw plastic toys in a trash because they break and left with dangerous sharp edges? You don’t need to answer me, every week I’m throwing broken plastic toys. Children don’t have that much of a feeling when they are playing. We often see them throwing toys arround, smashing them, biting or stanind/sitting on them.

We have to be careful when choosing toys for our children. Besides that plastic toys can break easily, they are often manufactured from materials that tend to be dangerous and have toxic chemicals in them. Many times we could hear on the news that some plastic toys were banned from the markets because they found dangerous chemicals in them.

Wooden educational toysWooden toys are made from natural material, and they are not that easy to break. Even if they break, there is no potentially dangerous edges that your child can cut himself on. Wood does not contain any chemicals and colours used for painting them are natural and eco-friendly. Wooden toys are designed to be safe, and there are no small pieces that could fall of and that your child could swalow. You don’t have to worry about polluting your home with unknown chemicals or worry what your child could possibly be eating

Wooden Toys Encourage Interaction

toys are designed to be simple, that means that they don’t have flashy gadgetary, no sounds or any electronics in them. They don’t perform any actions by themselves so children have to think their way to play with wooden toys. When children use their imaginations and practice real life scenarios, they often like to bring others in on the plays.

Toys that have voices or other effects often encourage solo play since the children get interaction and responses they crave from the toy itself. By iunteracting with your child as they play with wooden toys you can help build their understanding and provide positive reinforcement as they make decisions.

They Are Durable And Timeless

If you are going to invest in learning products for your home, you want to be sure that they will last a long time and that they can be used with a multiple child. Wood is a really durable material for toys, it doesn’t break down over time, it doesn’t shatter it simply wears out very slowly over a long period. Also, most wooden toys are handmade and the quality craftsmanship ensures the finished product is of the highest standards. Most wooden toys will outlast any of plastic toys

Wood is a very durable and easy to clean so that most wooden toys can be passed down from child to child for decades. Well made wooden toys can easily last a lifetime and can often be repaired if broken. Many wooden toys can even be sanded down and gives a fresh coat of paint before being passed down to the next generation.

Wooden Toys Encourage Imagination

Because of their simplicity, wooden toys force children to think about actions that they can perform with them. Some wooden toys come in basic shapes such as sticks, blocks, arcs, triangles, and circles These basic shapes allow children to really explore their use and come up with creative ways to use them.

Improving imagination

Simple wooden educational toys are still the very best choice over any educational app created. Because these toys are more open-ended and organic, they inspire children to imagine the countless possibilities for that toy. Children who play with wooden toys have to figure out the story themselves from theit own imagination. This helps them develop strong verbal skills, encourages creativity and keeps the child involved in their own entertainment.

Wooden Toys Have Educational Qualities

Children learn and express themselves through plays. Educational wooden toys can help them develop important abilities. Wooden block, puzzles and other construction toys are designed to help kids learn something new or build certain skill while playing. They are also important precursors for learning and mastering other skills and concepts they need as they grow oldEducational wooden toyser.

As children manipulate the different shapes and sizes of wooden toys, they are building their reasoning skills. They also build reasoning skill as they organize their wooden toys into different categories. For example, the may opt to organize them by size, by shape or even by color.

Choosing wooden educational toys for kids is such a wonderful way to bring play into their lives. Most parents think that a child needs a hude variety of toys to hold their interest but that’s not true. In many cases, that variety just results in frustration or worse toys that are purchased and never played with. Instead, invest your money and your children future into gread educational wooden toys that will enable them to enjoy creative play for a lifetime to come.

Children will have their entire lifetimes to sit in front of screens and operate electronics so why not hold off as long as possible?

3 thoughts on “Advantages Of Wooden Toys – 5 Most Important

  • This is great and very informational. I never realized how much better wooden toys are for my toddler. Do you recommend a specific toy for a 21month old boy? The ones you have here are great, in fact I think we have a bunch of them already but I am always on the hunt for more learning toys for my son. Thank you.

  • Thanks Jen, I wanted people to understand what they are buying when they choose wooden toys. Most of the people are not even considering buying wooden toys when they see a price. The good thing with wooden toys is that they are not meant to be a toys for a boy or a girl, they are just toys for children to play with. I don’t know which ones you already have, but wooden blocks are always a good choice, doesn’t matter how old your child is.

  • I like the pictures of the wooden toys, they are colorful and vibrant, these could attract adults as well as children.
    In the content, explained how the wooden toys can help to develop children’s imagination and creativity. It could also allow children to develop skills, these are really commendable qualities of the wooden toys. I seldom see wooden toys, where can parents and grandparents buy them for their little ones. Are there clear instructions on those wooden toys are suitable for which age groups? Are there other relevant instructions for parents and grant parents come with the wooden toys?

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