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Hi everyone, welcome to getwoodentoys.com. My name is Marko and I’m creator of this website. I created it with an idea of promoting toys that are made of wood. There are numerous benefits of wooden toys over plastic ones, but nowadays wooden toys for kids are very rare in this present generation.

A study shows that playing with wooden toys merely developed the mental capacity, emotional and physical abilities and assures the durability and the natural beauty that anyone could pass these toys from one generation to the next generation.

Despite the competition from computer games and plastic toys, wooden toys are still around trying to continue to be the major sources of attraction for the kids. It also gives benefits not just for the brain development but for the health also!

About Marko

When I was a kid, my father made me a wooden tractor. That toy was very simple, but I always preferred to play with that specific toy. It’s amazing what a child’s creativity can do with the simplest thing. Later when my son was born, I was looking to buy him the best toys possible: Then I remembered that wooden tractor that I had years ago, . I wanted my kid to feel what I felt playing with that tractor. The weight, the smell and that natural feeling when touching wood… But there was a problem!

Markets were full of superhero toys and electric toys, plastic cars…etc. There was not much of a choice if you wanted something different for your child. Most of the toys I had to buy online, and that is the reason why I decided to run this site. I want to help other parents to choose the best for their children, and natural is always the best choice.

It is really sad to see that there isn’t sufficient selection of wooden toys in toy stores

When it is about our children you tend to choose the best option possible, however some things seem too good to be true. Nowadays, practically 99% of all toys being sold are made from plastic and metal. Wooden toys are hard to come across.

Every year, companies develop new toys and games for education. Most of them feature intricately-designed plastic pieces. Some come with all the bells and whistles. Many have been designed for a few specific purposes.

While these toys may play a role in your child’s education, you can end up spending a lot of money, but not receiving a lot of educational value. Wooden toys, however, often have a lot more to offer children than the latest trendy educational toys.

Wooden toys still exist !!!

If you’re going to invest in learning products for your home, you want to be sure they will last a long time and that they can be used with multiple children.

Kids will give importance of the uses of the woods because it has a lot of things we can do and get from it. Wooden toys are the easiest invention of human, yet neglected due to the entertainment and technology that modern times have now.

I’ts up to you to decide what is best for your children!

If you ever need a hand or have as questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Marko Bekic



1 thought on “About Us

  • Poštovani Marko,

    Pišem ispred projekta ”Može i drugačije” koji sprovodi portal eTrafika.
    Voljela bih da uradim foto priču o tvom radu. Smatram da si pozitivan primjer mlade osobe te da možeš svojom pričom inspirisati mnoge mlade ljude.
    Nadam se pozitivnom odgovoru i da ćemo realizovati saradnju u što skorijem roku.

    Srdačan pozdrav.
    Anja Jurić

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